Consultation outcome: Review of electricity market arrangements

The review of electricity market arrangements (“REMA”) consultation opened on 18 July 2022 and closed on 10 October 2022. REMA encompasses all electricity-related (non-retail) markets, and all technologies are within scope to the extent that they currently do, or potentially could, participate in these electricity markets.

Government consulted on a range of issues and options related to electricity market reform across a number of market dimensions, including wholesale markets (chapter five), mass low carbon power (chapter six), flexibility (chapter seven), capacity adequacy (chapter eight), and system operability (chapter nine), as well as on several programme design and cross-cutting issues (chapters one to four).

The consultation received 225 responses from a range of electricity market participants and wider stakeholders. A significant number of responses were received from generators and developers, but representative bodies, energy infrastructure, academia, suppliers and private individuals were also well-represented.

Download the full outcome here:

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