Is the future electric?: decarbonising the UK energy sector

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The long-term decarbonisation of the UK energy system is going to transform the way we use and produce energy.  However, there is still uncertainty over what this long-term future looks like, or how we will reach it.  Many of the pathways place a strong reliance on electrification of the heat and transport sectors in the long-term, alongside a rapid decarbonisation of our power generation mix.  However, this view is not shared by all.  The aim of the conference  is to bring together recognised experts from industry, academia and government  to debate the options for the transformation of the UK economy.

The topics that will be covered are:

Alternative Pathways

Is electrification inevitable?

Decarbonising Heat

Is electrification the answer? Is there flexibility in heat demand? Are support mechanisms sufficient/appropriate? And what can we learn from international experience?

Decarbonising Transport

Progress on electric vehicles; what infrastructure is required?; how quickly can we expect to displace liquid fuels?

Delivering Zero Carbon Electricity

Is the electricity sector geared up to deliver the change? Will EMR work? Is Grid ready to invest? Is the demand-side integrated in this?


Any papers and programmes from this conference may be viewed in the downloads section of this website.

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