BIEE Member News: Send us your contributions

Members can make use of  the new BIEE website to share and publicise their work in the ‘member news’ section – and we welcome your  submissions.

If you have any recent or forthcoming material likely to be of interest to other members you can either upload your blog/article in your account (under Articles) or email it to and we will let you know if is suitable for the website.

Your blog can be read by all site visitors and (with your consent) be publicised on social media. Logged-in members will be able to submit questions and to comment on each post (comments are moderated).

We are looking for research findings, blogs, articles, briefing papers, industry comment, case studies etc, that are likely to be of interest to other BIEE members.

This is in line with the aims of the organisation, which are to encourage the exchange of ideas and information between energy professionals from different disciplines and sectors in the energy industry, and to promote open dialogue and debate of key energy issues.

Contributions do not have to be specially written for publication on the BIEE site or exclusive to it. They can for example be a news release for a research report or case study that has already been written for your own website. However, you must be a current member of BIEE to contribute.  Submitted posts will be moderated before being published

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