Adrian Gault, Chief Assurance Officer at the CCC and long term BIEE Council member has been awarded an OBE in the New Year Honours list.

Adrian served as the Committee’s Chief Economist for a decade, until summer 2019, and as the CCC’s interim Chief Executive on two occasions for extended periods. During his time at the Committee, Adrian has played a key role in developing the CCC’s rigorous approach to research and analysis. He oversaw the economic analysis underpinning two carbon budgets, and was instrumental in delivering 10 annual progress reports to Parliament. In all, he has worked for two CCC Chairmen and contributed to over 50 CCC publications. He is now the Committee’s Chief Assurance Officer.

He has served on the BIEE Council as its Company Secretary since 2010 and as Chair in 2018. In that time he has made an outstanding contribution to the organisation’s success and devoted a considerable amount of his own time and energy to BIEE matters, alongside his demanding role at the CCC. His contribution can be measured by the number and quality of events he has helped to organise, his near perfect attendance record at Council meetings, and his willingness to unselfishly take on many of the more mundane tasks where volunteers may otherwise be scarce, but which are nevertheless vital for the proper functioning of a charity. He has been a regular contributor at BIEE events and has at times stepped in at extremely short notice to provide excellent, engaging and knowledgeable contributions both as a speaker and chair.

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