For 30 years BIEE has provided a focal point for informed discussion and debate of key energy issues in the UK.

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27 Jan, 2016

Climate and Energy Seminars 2016

Each year BIEE convenes a series of five ‘Parker’ seminars on aspects of UK Climate Change Policy . In the last 4 years, the series has explored a range of questions on the theme of climate policy in crisis, from the science foundations through the prospects for global agreement, and on to issues of policy instruments, investment, markets and the motivation for action in the UK or the EU. January 27th is only a provisional date at this stage.

Venue:NERA Economic Consulting Marble Arch House 66 Seymour Street London W1H 5BT

The BIEE aims to encourage the exchange of ideas and information between energy professionals from different disciplines and sectors of the industry and to promote a responsible, evidence based approach to the challenges of energy policy and tackling climate change.

We have a diverse membership that cuts across traditional industry sectors with members drawn from academia, government, industry and finance.

BIEE is impartial, globally informed, and focuses on energy economics and policy.

Our members benefit from meetings, conferences and seminars throughout the year, access to latest papers, presentations  and videos of our events, plus a unique network of valuable contacts in academia, industry, finance and the public sector.

BIEE membership is available for companies, individuals and students and can be combined with membership of the IAEE

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Talking Energy

At our September policy conference we recorded a series of interviews with speakers including Ed Davey, Jonathan Stern, Bryony Worthington and Jo Coleman  ( pictured ) and  on current global energy discontinuities, UK energy policy -  ‘ Triumph or Travesty? ‘ -  energy investment and innovation. You can now watch these on the Videos page of this site.

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