For 30 years BIEE has provided a focal point for informed discussion and debate of key energy issues in the UK.

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17 Sep, 2014

Balancing Competing Energy Policy Goals

The two day academic conference will consider the difficulties of balancing the three main objectives of energy policy – security of supply, sustainability and affordability – and, in particular, the cost of mitigating climate change and its impact on household and industry energy costs.

Venue:St John's College, Oxford, OX1 3JP

BIEE aims to encourage the exchange of ideas and information between energy professionals from different disciplines and different sectors of the energy industry.

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The ‘Future of Energy’ Lecture

On May 22nd Ian Marchant  will give the inaugural lecture in the BIEE’s ‘Future of Energy’ lecture series at the Royal Society. The lecture series has been  launched  to mark the BIEE’s 30 year anniversary  in 2014.The plan is to hold this lecture every spring,  possibly using  it to initiate debate on  a theme for […]


UN IPCC Report

The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released the second part of its latest report on climate change. The “Working Group 2, Fifth Assessment Report” covers the likely impacts of climate change and our capacity to adapt to future climate risks. The report is the work of over 310 scientific experts drawn […]


Climate Policy in Crisis Position Paper

The theme for the BIEE seminar series in 2013 was Climate Policy in Crisis, based on the perception of a growing gulf between, on the one hand, aspirations for tight emissions limits based on the imperatives indicated by the climate science, and, on the other, the widespread projections of close to “business as usual” with […]

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