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25 Oct, 2018

The Outlook for Gas: short-term evolution, long-term revolution?

An evolution in changing uses for gas, institutional reforms, technological change, and geopolitics are all driving gas demand and supply – globally, across Europe and here in the UK. But will these incremental developments usher in a future of radical changes and transformation?

Venue:Prince Philip House, 3 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5DG

Speaker(s):Anne-Sophie Corbeau BP, Chi Kong Chyong Cambridge University, Richard Howard Aurora Energy Research, Simon Durk National Grid

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Invitation to UKERC Report Launch : Fairness in Retail Energy Markets? Evidence from the UK

The Centre for Competition Policy and UKERC would like to invite you to the launch of their new report on: Fairness in Retail Energy Markets? Evidence from the UK on Thursday October 18th at 4.30. The report presents emerging findings from multi-disciplinary research, carried out by the Centre for Competition Policy, University of East Anglia as part of the UK Energy Research Centre research programme.

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Doing More for Gender Balance in the Energy Sector

For the first time, this year’s BIEE Research Conference included a Women in Energy Session. This new session format featured a panel of three distinguished female energy experts and leaders from academia, policy and industry who shared their personal insights on three issues: personal strategies for women’s careers in the energy sector, corporate culture promoting diversity; and opportunities and challenges for women’s career advancements in consumer-centred energy systems.


Conference Blog No. 7 Unlocking the benefits to end consumers

UK Government’s commitment to decarbonise the economy along with developments in disrupting and decentralised technology and business models is driving a great pace of change in the way electricity is produced and consumed. For consumers we see new services and business models emerging such as peer-to-peer energy trading, home energy storage, smart tariffs (Time-of-use tariffs), Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) services, and ‘energy as a service’ when energy is bundled with other services and even goods. We believe that common arrangements that enable access to and interoperability between central and local energy markets (new and existing) is the best way to maximise the benefits from these emerging opportunities for commercial and domestic consumers.

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