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18 Sep, 2018

Consumers at the Heart of the Energy System?

The BIEE’s 2018 research conference will explore the challenges and opportunites for an energy system where connected consumers ‘act as the market makers rather than market takers of today’ and will look at the ways markets, business models, technology and regulation will need to change in response. ‘The current market arrangements that we have, the consequent business models that we have and the technology platforms that we have today are simply not going to be fit for purpose for the changing needs of consumers, for the market in the future’

Venue:Blavatnik School of Government 120 Walton Street, Oxford, OX2 6GG

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Conference Blog No. 7 Unlocking the benefits to end consumers

Conference Blog No. 7 Unlocking the benefits to end consumers

UK Government’s commitment to decarbonise the economy along with developments in disrupting and decentralised technology and business models is driving a great pace of change in the way electricity is produced and consumed. For consumers we see new services and business models emerging such as peer-to-peer energy trading, home energy storage, smart tariffs (Time-of-use tariffs), Vehicle-to-grid (V2G) services, and ‘energy as a service’ when energy is bundled with other services and even goods. We believe that common arrangements that enable access to and interoperability between central and local energy markets (new and existing) is the best way to maximise the benefits from these emerging opportunities for commercial and domestic consumers.


Conference Blog 6: Incentivising households to reduce electricity consumption: Information, nudges and peak pricing

The installation of smart meters means that new ways of incentivising consumers to reduce their consumption and to achieve a more flexible demand for energy can be introduced, whether that be via dynamic pricing or other methods. In my research, I look at consumers’ role within the energy system by analysing the results of previous field experiments and pilot studies which test consumers’ response to different incentives, and by testing on a micro level the responses of individuals to specific incentives in laboratory experiments.


ENA Open Networks Project launches Future Worlds Consultation

On August 1st Energy Networks Association’s Open Networks Project launched a major new consultation on electricity networks’ plans to deliver a smarter, more flexible and more decentralised energy system, a change which could save consumers as much as £40bn by 2050.The consultation published today seeks industry views on five models – the ‘Future Worlds’ – for delivering this change, presenting a wide range of options for the structure of electricity networks that go beyond those proposals made by the recent Cost of Energy Review..

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