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21 Sep, 2017

Is There a Plan ? UK Energy Policy for the 2020s

In putting in place an energy policy fit for the 2020s and beyond, developments in this parliament will be crucial. How will a department that combines energy with industrial strategy affect the shape of the UK’s energy policy? How should we secure the new infrastructure needed for decarbonisation through the 2020s and beyond? Will the new industrial strategy capture the benefits of emerging smart technologies for UK consumers and companies?The inter-connectedness of industrial strategy, emission reduction commitments, and rapid technology development will provide key themes for discussion at this conference.

Venue:BEIS Conference Centre, 1 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0ET

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Burn Out: New Book from Dieter Helm

An energy revolution is under way with far-reaching consequences for nations, companies, and the way we address climate change. Low oil prices are sending shockwaves through the global economy, and longtime industry observer Dieter Helm explains how this and other shifts are the harbingers of a coming energy revolution and how the fossil fuel age will come to an end. Surveying recent surges in technological innovations, Helm’s provocative new book documents how the global move toward the internet-of-things will inexorably reduce the demand for oil, gas, and renewables—and prove more effective than current efforts to avert climate change.


New CCC Report: Energy Prices and Bills

UK climate action has reduced emissions without increases in household energy bills, new analysis by the Committee on Climate Change shows. While measures to deliver a cleaner, low-carbon electricity system added around £9 a month to the typical UK household energy bill in 2016, this was more than offset by a cut of over £20 per month due to reduced energy demand mainly from more efficient lights and appliances.

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Decarbonised Energy and Water Resilience Conference

On the 3 – 4 May, senior government stakeholders will meet with senior energy and water executives at the Institution of Civil Engineer’s Decarbonised Energy and Water Resilience conference to discuss how best to develop these projects. Expert speakers at the event include leaders from EDF, The Climate Change Committee, Environment Agency, DEFRA, WWF and National Grid. Preview the full programme and speaker line up at

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