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19 Nov, 2014

Parker Seminar 5: Technology and Innovation Issues for a Low Carbon Economy

The seminar will discuss issues of innovation in the context of progress to a low carbon economy, both from a practical perspective, drawing on some of the experience of ETI, and an economic and policy perspective.

Venue:NERA Economic Consulting, Weavers House, 15 Stratford Place, London, W1C 1BE

Speaker(s):George Day , Andrew Haslet, ETI

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Latest News Topics


DECC: UK-Norway electricity interconnection moves closer

DECC announced yesterday that the Norwegian Government has granted a licence for the longest sub-sea electricity interconnector in the world, to be built between the UK and Norway. The interconnector, known as NSN, will connect our countries’ electricity systems providing significant mutual benefits, improving energy security and bringing Norwegian renewable energy to Europe.


OFGEM Report on Big Six 2013 Revenues

Last week OFGEM released its latest report on the revenues, costs and profits of the large energy companies in 2013. The document summarises the results of the six largest energy companies in 2013 and compares them across companies and over time. It also assesses the predictions of our Supply Market Indicator for 2013 against outturns.


IGov Paper : Governance and disruptive energy system change

This paper from IGov explores the biases towards the conventional energy system currently in place in GB; it looks at potentially destabilising factors at work in the GB energy system.and it asks whether those wider factors are sufficient to force change in the GB energy system. There has been an avalanche of financial analysis reports over the last year which predict that disruption to the conventional centralised utility model is coming and that conventional centralised utility models are going to have to restructure or else will no longer fit for purpose.

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