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24 Sep, 2015

New Government, Uncertain World

Whether it be the 2014 collapse in oil prices, the US-China climate policy accord, falling demand in the OECD or the falling price of solar, the energy arena has a tendency to throw up unexpected changes, opportunities and challenges. This conference will explore the challenges faced by the new government in pursuing policy goals, given continuing and often unanticipated developments in energy markets.

Venue:BIS Conference Centre, 1 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0ET

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Prof Matthew Leach to chair 2016 Academic Conference

BIEE is pleased to announce that Matthew Leach, Professor of Energy and Environmental Systems at the University of Surrey, has agreed to chair the committee for its 11th Academic Conference which takes place on September 21/22 2016. Matthew served on the committee for the 2010 academic conference and is a past chair and member of the BIEE Council.


IEA’s Special Report on Energy and Climate Change

BIEE and KPMG will host a presentation of the IEA’s Special Report on Energy and Climate Change on June 25th. This will be an opportunity to hear first hand from the IEA about their new analysis of energy and climate .Simon Virley CB partner, Energy and Natural Resources at KPMG, will then will comment on the implications for the UK energy sector.


Interview with Prof Dieter Helm

This interview with Prof Dieter Helm was recorded on May 11th shortly after the General Election. In the interview he talks about energy and the recent election, UK vs European energy policy, the EU ETS ( emissons trading system ), prospects for shale gas, CCS and international climate agreements.

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