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18 Sep, 2018

Consumers at the Heart of the Energy System?

The BIEE’s 2018 research conference will explore the challenges and opportunites for an energy system where connected consumers ‘act as the market makers rather than market takers of today’ and will look at the ways markets, business models, technology and regulation will need to change in response. ‘The current market arrangements that we have, the consequent business models that we have and the technology platforms that we have today are simply not going to be fit for purpose for the changing needs of consumers, for the market in the future’

Venue:Blavatnik School of Government 120 Walton Street, Oxford, OX2 6GG

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On the Rebound – why energy efficiency is not a waste of time

Yet another academic gathering, and yet another person suggesting ‘energy efficiency really is a waste of time, because if people save money on their residential energy bills, they’ll just go and spend it on an international flight instead’ an argument is based on the rebound effect . In my paper, I hope to be able to convince the ‘sceptics’ that energy efficiency really is an important route to delivering energy and carbon savings.

Steve Holliday 200x120

Video Interview with Steve Holliday

In this interview, recorded in May 2018 at the BIEE’s fifth Future of Energy lecture, the speaker Steve Holliday Former CEO, National Grid argues that what the industry needs from government is a set of frameworks not a detailed plan.The private sector should be allowed to innovate and drive change with government intervening only where something is clearly not going in the right direction – like for example CCS.

Could energy services help us build an energy system people will want to pay for?

Read the second in our series of conference blogs produced by authors who will be presenting their research at the September conference. This one is from Matthew Lipson Head of Consumer Insights at the Energy Systems Catapult . Matthew discusses the concept of energy ( heat specifically ) as a service and shares some of the findings from the Catapult’s Heat Plan trials.

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