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25 Jan, 2017

BP Energy Outlook – 2017 Edition

Bob Dudley, group chief executive and Spencer Dale, group chief economist will launch the 2017 BP Energy Outlook. Spencer will share BP’s Outlook for the global landscape over the next 20 years, highlight some of the key issues that raises, and explore possible alternative outcomes.

Venue:BP plc, 1 St James's Square, London SW1Y 4PD

Speaker(s):Bob Dudley Group CEO , Spencer Dale Group Chief Economist

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Latest Issue of European Energy Innovation

European Energy Innovation (EEI) blends information from the Energy Industry, Research Organisations and the European Institutions to highlight the significant energy challenges facing Europe today and the innovative technologies being deployed to meet them.

New energy concept

Government must incentivise energy storage and demand side response

The Energy and Climate Change Committee final report sets out energy policy implications of leaving the EU. The Government should redesign its Capacity Market—a subsidy scheme designed to minimise the risk of electricity blackouts—to incentivise innovative energy storage and demand side response (DSR) technologies that could make our energy grid cleaner, more flexible and secure, the Energy and Climate Change Committee says.


New Reports from the Committee on Climate Change

The UK needs to take concrete action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions given its commitment to the Paris Agreement. The vote to leave the EU does not affect the need for action now, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) says today. In a set of new reports, the Committee recommends that the Government vigorously pursues the full package of measures the CCC has identified in order to meet existing UK climate commitments at least cost. The Committee’s analysis shows that successful action now to reduce emissions will also ensure the UK has the flexibility to go further in future.

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