Membership Terms & Conditions

Individual membership

The following are the terms and conditions which apply to BIEE  membership and which constitute an agreement between you and BIEE

By joining as a BIEE member and agreeing to this document, you accept these terms and conditions. You should read them carefully and retain a copy for your reference.

Our current individual membership subscription amounts and a complete list of benefits relevant to each membership category can be found on our pages outlining our membership options.

Please note that in addition to these terms and conditions, your use of is also governed by:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Use

Applying to be an Individual Member

  • Individual Members are recognised as members in a personal capacity and not as representatives of any organization. Accordingly, BIEE will not discuss an individual’s membership with any third-party organization. Payment of the subscription is the responsibility of the named individual.
  •  To become a member, applicants must complete all mandatory fields on an up to date application form and contribute their annual membership subscription amount, at the time of application.
  • The Council may at their discretion refuse an application for membership. Rejected applicants have the right of appeal to the BIEE Council, whose decision is final. After this there will be no further right of appeal.
  • If an applicant is not accepted for membership, they will receive a refund of the amount submitted.

Renewing membership and contributing subscription amounts

  •  Individual BIEE membership is valid for one year and renewable annually on the anniversary of the first membership period’s start date or for BIEE/IAEE membership from January 1st every year.
  •  Membership benefits and voting rights will be suspended when membership subscriptions are more than 2 months in arrears.  After three months, suspended memberships will be terminated and those wishing to remain members will need to reapply as new members.
  • Upon joining BIEE or renewing your membership in a given year, you agree to remain a member of the institute for a minimum term. The minimum term of membership is twelve months from a member’s membership start date or twelve months from each annual renewal date thereafter

Membership terminations and refunds

  • You may cancel your membership of the BIEE at any time by cancelling your subscription in your account or by  notifying us in writing by letter or email, and on payment of any fees outstanding
  • Annual subscription fees are non-refundable. Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances, for example in the case of critical illness or death or, if an error has been made, for example at the point of payment or by your bank/building society.
  • If you inadvertently forget to cancel your payment after having provided notice of your intention to cancel renewal of your membership, you must contact the Membership Team no later than 72 hours after payment. After this time a refund will not be granted.
  • No refund be issued to an organization which has purchased Individual Membership on behalf of an employee. Individual Memberships are issued in a personal capacity and are non-transferable.

Member code of conduct

  •  BIEE members are expected to uphold a high standard of behaviour at all times and not to take any action or undertake any activity that might bring the institute into disrepute whether attending an event venue or participating in online activities . They are expected to treat other members, guests and staff with courtesy and respect. Aggressive, discriminating, disrespectful or otherwise inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated.  In these cases, BIEE reserves the right to terminate membership with immediate effect. However, members retain the right to appeal to the Council.
  •  Individual Membership is non-transferable and a member’s benefits/membership card should never be shared with another individual. BIEE reserves the right to terminate the membership of any person found to be transferring their membership to another individual. There is no right for appeal in this case.
  •  Unless otherwise agreed or stated on the website, members can bring one guest to most meetings via advance registration. Members are not allowed to bring the same individual as a guest to more than one event during a 12-month period. BIEE reserves the right, with reason, to refuse entry to a member’s guest.
  • Individuals can list their affiliation as a BIEE member on their résumé, their websites and for other biographical purposes.

Corporate membership

When you submit an application to become a Corporate or Institutional Member  ( ‘Corporate’) of the BIEE, you are confirming your acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions.

The BIEE is the Data Controller of any personal data you supply as part of your application, and any subsequent interaction as a member of the BIEE or Representative for your Corporate  Membership. Your data will be managed in accordance with the BIEE’s Privacy Policy.

About Corporate Membership

  • Corporate Membership is a partnership between the BIEE  and individual organisations operating in the energy sector.
  • As part of the Corporate Membership offer, BIEE makes available a range of services and support.
  • Corporate Member status does not imply  BIEE endorsement of products or services offered by an organisation, or of any particular policies or activities.

Applying for Corporate Membership

  • Receipt of an application does not imply acceptance. The BIEE reserves the right to terminate an application for Corporate Membership if relevant fees or information required in support of an application are not received within a reasonable time period.
  • As part of your application, you will need to designate either one  member of  staff  who will act as your Representative in your relationship with the BIEE.

Managing your membership

  • As a Corporate or Institutional  Member, you will receive a range of benefits. The  BIEE reserves the right to vary these benefits from time to time.
  • Membership benefits and updates are communicated through the Coroporate Member named Representative, and so it will be the responsibility of your Representative to disseminate this information to other members of staff.
  • It will also be the Representative’s responsibility to inform the BIEE if any update of information pertinent to the company’s listing on the publicly accessible Website and Member database is required.
  • The BIEE will not be liable for the non-delivery of communications, products and services if you have supplied us with an incorrect postal or email address, have not notified us of a change in Representative, or have not appointed a new one following a change in your staff team.

Renewal of Corporate Membership

  • Corporate  Membership of the BIEE is renewed annually.
  • Membership runs from January to December and the subscription fees for new Corporate  members joining are pro-rated each quarter.
  • The BIEE reserves the right to increase or vary the price of membership on an annual basis.
  • Corporate Members will receive a renewal letter and invoice in January each year.
  • An updated list of named members should be supplied by the Representative upon renewal.
  • Your  Membership may be lapsed if relevant fees remain unpaid more than 3 months after the due date.
  • Annual subscription fees are non-refundable.

Termination of Corporate Membership

  • You may cancel your Corporate membership of the BIEE at any time by notifying us in writing by letter or email.
  • The BIEE reserves the right to withdraw or suspend your membership if you are found to be in breach of the Terms and Conditions and in particular if you
    • have failed to pay fees within a reasonable period of time
    • have made a statement in your application which is false or misleading
    • have misrepresented your Corporate Member status
    • have falsely implied BIEE endorsement of products, services, policies and activities of your organisation
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