Watch Video of Steve Holliday’s ‘Future of Energy’ Lecture

The British Institute of Energy Economics’ fifth ‘Future of Energy’ Lecture, was given by former National Grid CEO Steve Holliday in May 2018. In his talk Steve discussed  the role of government in the energy transition, arguing that what the sector  needs  is a sense of direction from government, rather than too firm a regulatory framework that will result in limitations rather than liberations.

Wind, solar, storage…plummeting costs and commercial innovation are now driving the transition as much as, if not more than, international political agreement. The adoption of wind and solar has pushed generation deep into the distribution networks. Thousands of distributed energy resources and disruptive technologies, giving more control to those customers who want it. But Britain’s new energy age faces very real challenges – policy shortfalls, political risk, the trust deficit and a skills crisis – all of which call for brave and determined leadership.


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