Innovation Policy: Influences on proportion of electricity generated by nuclear power around the world

D. Toke, Birmingham University

The association between various variables and the proportion of electricity generated from nuclear power in countries around the world is analysed using generalised linear modelling techniques. These associations are then discussed using qualitative information. The proportion of electricity generated from nuclear power is found to be significantly associated with (in order of strength): 1. Whether a country is a communist or former communist state 2. Per Capita Gross Domestic Product 3. The degree of national energy dependence. Comparative studies suggests that nuclear programmes are associated with coherent, often centrally organised policies which have guaranteed means of financing the programmes. The association of per capita GDP with investment in nuclear power is a reflection of the capital intensive nature of the technology. The development of nuclear programmes is enhanced by effective state planning of the programmes and also by the strength of industrial interest groups favouring nuclear development.

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