3 March - 3 March 2021

Carbon Policy in a Net Zero World

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BIEE’s first Energy Webinar in 2021 will discuss carbon policy necessary for achieving Net Zero and the role of instruments such as the UK ETS. Dr. Danial Sturge, Energy Policy Advisor at Energy Systems Catapult, will discuss his work on approaches to carbon policy in decarbonising the whole economy. Whilst Vivienne Geard, BEIS’s Deputy Director for Carbon, Hydrogen and Industry Analysis, will focus on her team’s work on establishing the UK ETS and its role in decarbonising the economy.

In the wake of the Paris agreement, countries across the globe are pledging to reduce their emissions to combat climate change. Various nations have now committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by the mid-21st century, with European countries taking the lead with highly ambitious decarbonisation targets and innovative pathways to achieve this goal. The UK was the first G7 country to enshrine the commitment to reach Net Zero by 2050 into law. Furthermore, the UK is no longer under the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) and has recently launched the UK ETS as a key cornerstone decarbonisation policy to help achieve this.


Danial Sturge.croppedDanial Sturge, Energy Systems Catapult

Danial joined ESC in 2018 and has since played a key role across several ESC projects, notably taking a lead on delivering the Rethinking Decarbonisation Incentives thought leadership project. In his role, Danial provides policy, regulatory, and economic analysis to teams and projects as well as fostering relationships with policy makers, industry, and academia. Prior to joining ESC, Danial worked as a Policy Assistant at Green Alliance and has a PhD in Aerodynamics and Energy Policy. He has also held a number of teaching and supervisory positions in academia.



Vivienne Geard

Vivienne Geard, BEIS

Vivienne has worked in the UK Civil Service for almost two decades in a variety of roles. For much of this time she has worked on various energy and climate change issues including electricity generation investment dynamics and security of supply; climate change and carbon markets. In her current role as Deputy Director, Vivienne leads on analysis to develop policies that drive industrial decarbonisation. This includes providing the underpinning analysis that drove the development of the recently launched UK ETS.


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