In 2013,  Dr Fatih Birol Chief Economist at the IEA,  will once again be coming to present the findings from the latest edition of the World Energy Outlook to the BIEE .  He will provide reflections on the current debate, five  months on, from the IEA’s flagship World Energy Outlook 2012 ,  including  updates on  recent market developments.

Drawing on the latest data and policy developments the World Energy Outlook presents analytical insights into trends in energy markets and what they mean for energy security, environmental protection and economic development. It sets out updated projections of energy demand, production, trade, investment and carbon-dioxide emissions, broken down by country, fuel and sector, to 2035.

The climate goal of limiting warming to 2 degree c is becoming more difficult and costly with every year that passes. No more than one-third of proven reserves of fossil fuels can be consumed prior to 2050 if this goal is to be achieved, unless carbon capture and storage technology is widely deployed. Almost four-fifths of the CO2 emissions allowable by 2035 are already locked-in by existing power stations, factories, buildings etc, and without actions soon all allowable emissions will be locked-in by 2017. The analysis also shows how it would be possible to achieve energy savings equivalent to nearly a fifth of global demand in 2010. With concerted action to improve energy efficiency this complete lock-in could be postponed to 2022, buying time to secure a global agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions. You can find the report Executive Summary at,33339,en.html

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